Who am I

I am an indian classical dancer since my childhood. I am born and brought up in Germany, by south indian parents (Kerala) and live with my family in Basel, Switzerland. Currently I am working as a biotechnology engineer. My greatest passion, besides being a wife and a mother of a 2 year old toddler is Kathak dance. 

Teaching and performing Kathak is my love anf life and I am continuously learning as well. I am a senior student of Kathak Dance (www.kathak-dancer.com), under the guidance of Guru Surangama Lala Dasgupta from Kolkata, following the curriculum of prayag sangit samiti, Allahabad. Recently, I am learning from Guru Pali Chandra as well, and she is encouraging me to move forward with the Kathak syllabus of ISTD training.

Besides kathak, I learned Bharatanatyam and create choreographies on bollywood songs. I want to share my thoughts on  how I am balancing life as a passionate Kathak dancer with all my other duties and commitments. Also my progress of my Kathak dance career, how I am trying to take forward and planting seed of music and dance in everyones heart, which my Guru Surangama is giving me. Espcially, how I am making a contribution to preserve this beautiful artform abroad India.