26 weeks pregnant and still dancing Kathak

26 weeks pregnant and still dancing Kathak, is such a blessing.
Currently I am still teaching Kathak to students of intermediate level. And I am dancing with them most of the time like the footwork practices and teach new compositions.

And at some risk, I invited my Tabla guru, Saibal Chatterjee to Basel, since he was in Germany, to do my special classes of Kathak traning with my students and also with me. I was not quite sure if I will make it to dance. Past weekend was truly a special moment of pleasure, to dance again to the sound of tabla. He was very much concerned, about how I will make it. Slowly he started playing the bols, in “practice style” as he said. The more and more I was dancing, he switched his style to “concert mode” which is with extra energy and power, and of course, you cannot stand still.

I practiced in total 2 hours, one day which I felt was quite good and enough for my body. Next day, I was practicing another 1 hour and then 2 hours with my students. That was the maximum I could do, or let’s say, I was quite surprised to manage. But in the evening I was exhausted and glad to take some rest and lay down.

I guess, the continuous training helped me not to loose too much stamina. My HB level dropped during past weeks, iron treatment is working. For some weeks, even climbing stairs exhausted me. I reduced the dancing accordingly but didn’t stop. If I compare to myself back in 2015, where I didn’t do any sports while pregnant, this is a lot different and I feel much better. And it gives so much pleasure and happiness!

I have just one thing to say, if you are a dancer and ask yourself, to stop or continue:

Dont stop!
Ask your gynecologist, if your overall condition is safe. Baby safety first!!!
Then continue to dance, avoid vigourous training. But if you are anyway a regular dancer, performer, teacher, there is really no reason to stop your training or even performing, unless your doctor advices you to stop.

Set your hormones free and enjoy dancing and pregnancy! Your baby will love it.

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